Our Journey

Our journey began on a beach in Portugal, when as a child, Jilly watched the fishermen pull ashore their boats and arrange their shrimp and fish in baskets on the sand. This inspiring memory, this Jubilee, marked the birth of Jilly’s passion.

Jilly’s JUBILEE celebrates the magic we feel for the elegant presentation of the food on our plates and on the tables we lay. It is not only the taste of the meal, but the play of the light from the candles, the warmth of the linens and the laughter of those we love, which make the perfect evening.

As an artist, Jilly Walsh seeks inspiration from natural elements and finds particular joy in the presentation of food on paper, ceramics and linens. Jilly has designed ceramics for Henri Bendel, Gumps, Mariposa, Scully & Scully and Le Cirque, a celebrated Manhattan restaurant.